About Carl

Carl’s origins are unknown, but his/her mission is clear: Cleanup Carl is taking on the dirty villains trying to destroy our democracy.

Where was Carl first spotted? It’s hard to say. It might have been at a DNC fundraiser with big investment lobbyists demanding handouts for the 1% over an increase in the minimum wage. It might have been outside a private prison CEO’s McMansion in the suburbs while the evildoer tried to sleep tight without looking over his shoulder. It might have been at a pipeline protest. It might have been on K Street. It might have been in your town.

One thing’s clear: Carl knows the insiders and he/she knows their game – and is exposing it for all to see. Is he/she a former lobbyist turned double agent? A Senate staffer who saw his/her boss shake too many hands with Wall Street donors? A citizen who’s simply seen enough? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter – we’ve all got a little Carl inside us.

Here’s the other thing about Carl: He’s/She’s got a network, a Crew. It’s clear that Carl’s not alone, for Carl is not a vigilante – Carl is a woman/man of the people. Democracy activists all around the country have seen what Carl’s up to and they’re joining in, sending him a tip here or there, putting in a request to visit their town, and showing up when the wrongdoers, corporate miscreants, lobbyist losers, and political pushers try to jam an anti-democracy agenda down our throats. Carl’s Crew is showing up when the evildoers try to do their slimy business, stopping them in their tracks, and cleaning it up.

“Carl” may have at one time been a creature of DC, spending his/her time coaxing egos, eating fancy dinners, or taking that important call and making that dirty deal. He/she clearly saw enough. The game’s changed. The tables turned.

Remember that time you had enough? Yeah, so does Carl. Join the Crew and together we’ll save democracy.