Introducing: the Clean The House 2018 Tour!

By Cleanup Carl


On December 19th, 2017, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives voted to approve the largest, most corrupt, and most blatant payoff in American history.


In passing the GOP Tax Scam, the House GOP transferred $1.5 trillion from the pockets of regular Americans to the corporations and few wealthy billionaires who fund their campaigns.


9 months later, rich megadonors and corporations are putting a tiny fraction of what they saved (aka millions of dollars) back into PACs, dark money groups, and campaigns. They’re using their ill-gotten gains to protect 183 incumbent GOP House members who voted for the tax plan.


That’s why we’re launching our Clean The House 2018 Tour – to expose the toxic collusion and lies between the House GOP and their billionaire donors. It’s a multi-pronged assault on the most vulnerable GOP tax-scammer incumbents, with office visits, digital ads, and voter mobilization.



House Reps. benefiting from the Kochs’ money? We’re holding media-grabbing rallies to call out their toxic payoff. Super PACs set up shop in a Congressional district? We’re putting a grassroots army outside their office! Billionaire CEOs put a bus on the road for a “tax cuts work” tour? We’re following them around the country, exposing their corrupt lies!


We’ve already embarrassed Rep. Mike Kelly in Erie, PA and scared super PAC staffers out of their office in California. And we’re just getting started. 


Here’s our tour stops – and this is just for starters!


We’re traveling to dozens of Congressional districts to sound the alarm on this toxic payoff, and mobilize voters to clean out the toxic incumbents and get in politicians who will work for them – not their big donors.


To RSVP for events on our tour and join in the fight, you can go to You can also follow the tour on Facebook and Twitter!