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27 Mrs Linda M. Atlanta, GA.
26 Mr dewey h. kentucky
25 Mr James S. Texas
24 Mr Joe M. Get Toxic Billionaire Hedge Funder Money Out of Orange County
23 Ms Melissa M. CA Dem. Party state convention, San Diego
22 Ms Jane W. Dan Donovan’s office
21 Mrs Bobbie S. USA
20 Mr Don K. Pierceton
19 Ms Melora P. Washington
18 m o.
17 Robert F.
16 Cindy S. North Carolina
15 David M. Jackson Capitol
12 Benjamin G. Governor's office of Oklahoma
11 Tom W. U. S. House
10 PATRICK t. roswell
9 Israel U. Flint Michigan
8 bouapha t. CA
7 Richard A. Richmond VA and the Virginia government bought and run by Dominion Energy
6 Merle A. The front door of the homes of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Mitch McConnell, & Tom Perez.
5 Sasha G. The White House
4 Chris T. Baltimore City Council
3 Theodore S. American Investment Council
2 Harry R. North Carolina General Assembly, Raleigh
1 Rene F.