You thought there was just one bad Sessions? Just you wait.

By Cleanup Carl


When a politician who’s actively served the needs of their constituents is running for re-election, they get rewarded with an endorsement. It’s supposed to be a recognition of how hard they’ve worked.


When someone’s actively destroying democracy, they get added to our Toxic Tour. And when that person is a politician who doesn’t deserve to be re-elected – well, let’s just say they deserve the opposite of an endorsement.


Dallas Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-32) has distinguished himself above-and-beyond the call of duty in service of corporations and his campaign donors. That’s why we’re adding him to the Toxic Tour and making him our first ever Congressional anti-endorsement!


Sessions kick-started his career – and filled his wallet – through a shady relationship with a megadonor who just so happened to be running a ponzi scheme. He’s built cozy – and lucrative – relationships with telecom giant AT&T and predatory payday lenders, receiving hundreds of thousands of campaign donations from both industries. On top of all of that, he voted for the $1.5 trillion GOP tax scam, authorizing the biggest and most blatant payoff in modern history to the corporations and billionaires who have funded his campaigns.


It’s not just his commitment to working for his corporate pals that wins Sessions our anti-endorsement. It’s his complete disdain for the solutions that would decontaminate our democracy! From blocking bills that would disclose dark money to leading the charge to shut down the Congressional Ethics Office, Sessions has been a leader in the fight to remove accountability and transparency from our government.


Congratulations for being anti-endorsed, Pete! I’ll be visiting your district soon! He’ll eventually be joined by a whole list of Congresspeople who are deeply distinguished in doing the work of their donors over their voters, voting for the GOP tax scam, and generally destroying democracy.


Want to learn more about Sessions’ record? Check out our blog post here.


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